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Exhibtion: Fake for Glory

Fake for Glory

An exhibition by the IDP MIMESIS in cooperation with Campoi Gallery & Markus Oehlen and students (Akademie der Bildenden Künste München)

An artwork looks into the mirror. A so-called original meets a fake, without any indication of which is which. What do fake and original tell about each other? Which one appears as the reflection, and which one sheds the light?
FAKE FOR GLORY takes painting and drawing as scripts, which can be re-performed. Looking more at processes that at objectsm the show explores faking and forging as practices of mimetic re-enactment. While forgeries areperformances, performance can be considered an authentic fake.


Introduction by Prof. Dr. Henry Keazor

Performance by Dr. Matthias Renger and Dr. Tobias Ginsburg

Concept by Bavand Behpoor, Simone Niehoff and Judith Rottenburg

Organized by IDP MIMESIS in cooperation with Prof. Markus Oehlen & students
(Akademie der Bildenden Künste München) and Campoi Gallery


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Exhibit Location:
Galerie Royal
Luisenstraße 66
80789 München

Opening Hours of Exhibition:
Vernissage: 30.10.2015, 19:00h
31.10.2015, 11:00 - 20:00h
01.11.2015, 11:00 - open end
Finissage: 01.11.2015, 18:00h