MIMESIS Munich Doctoral Program for Literature and the Arts

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Summer Symposia

Theories of the Mimetic

Symposium of the IDP MIMESIS

27 - 29 July 2017
Kloster Seeon

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Mimetic Surfaces
Reflections on Mirrors in the Arts

Symposium of the Munich Doctoral Program for Literature and the Arts MIMESIS
14-15 July 2014
Kloster Ettal

Throughout its history, the meaning of the mirror oscillates between production and reproduction, truthfulness and deceit, virtue and sin. In addition to its cultural and technological development, it lends itself to a variety of uses in artistic and aesthetic contexts. The aim of the first IDP Symposium was to investigate different facets of the mirror as an object, as a trope and as a structural principle from an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective.


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